How does telehealth work?

Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation Telehealth services enable the speech therapists and audiologist to target 100% of the same goals. The individual, private, one-on-one Telehealth session will mimic the services completed at the office during a normal office visit using a secure HIPAA approved video system.

Please call our office at 972-608-0416 or email to schedule your telehealth appointment at Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation.

Telehealth Testimonial
  • "I think it [telehealth] is wonderful!! It makes my life easier. The speech therapist works on the same goals on telehealth as they did at the office. It is all the same, we just are not physically at the office."

    – Allyson, Lilly’s (10 year old) and AJ’s (7 year old) mother
  • "Alice loves seeing her speech therapist on telehealth. She runs to the computer. She could do it every day."

    – Mariana, Alice’s (7 years old) mother
  • "I am excited about how well remote video therapy is working. Zack continues to make progress."

    – Caroline, Zack’s (15 years old) mother

What you need for Telehealth?

Telehealth patients log on from home using their personal computer (with external or integrated webcam & microphone), iPad, or smart phone. Choose a well lit area with minimal background noise or distractions where no one else is within hearing range.

Achieve’s Telehealth Program helps patients feel like they are working with their speech therapist or audiologist at the office. Therefore, helping to keep the world normal for our patients.

What type of services can I receive by Telehealth?

Does insurance cover telehealth?

Texas law requires state-regulated private insurance plans to cover health care services delivered via telehealth to be covered to the same extent as in-person services.

Is Telehealth Secure?

Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation has a secure telehealth platform that was designed for people in the medical profession. You can always be confident your video sessions are, private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

Is it Telehealth, Telepractice, or Teletherapy?

They are all different names to describe the same service.

Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation Telehealth is one-on-one speech therapy or audiological services on a secure HIPAA approved video system. Our patients log on from home using their computer, iPad, or smart phone to see and talk with their speech therapist or audiologist.

Achieve a balanced life.

How do I schedule telehealth?
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