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July 2024 marks 19 years of helping our
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Language is the foundation of communication
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Latest Speech Therapy News

    • 12 JUN
    • 1
    Achieve Hearing Telehealth

    Everything you need to know about Telehealth

    Achieve Hearing & Rehabilitation Telehealth services enable the speech therapists and audiologist to target 100% of the same goals. The individual, private, one-on-one Telehealth session will mimic the services completed at the office during a normal office visit using a secure HIPAA approved video system. Read more →

    • 25 AUG
    • 1
    parent reading to child

    Reading to Children

    Reading the same books to your child, especially to your newborn children with the same intonation (rise and fall of your voice) will help soothe your child while building a foundation for his speech/language. Read more →

    • 17 FEB
    • 2

    How parents help children with hearing problems

    Auditory processing is a term used to describe what happens when the brain recognizes and interprets the sounds around you. Humans hear when energy that we recognize as sound travels through the ear and is changed into electrical information that can be interpreted by the brain. Individuals with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) have difficulty differentiating, recognizing, or understanding the meaning behind sounds. Their hearing and intelligence are within normal range. Read more →

    • 23 MAY
    • 4
    Audiology + Speech Therapy Connection

    Identify a picky eater, resistant eater, and Dysphagia

    All children go through eating stages. Between the ages of 2 and 3 years old children may demonstrate a fear of new foods which they do out grow. However other children may be Picky or Resistant Eaters - they do not out grow the fear of foods. Picky eaters are not to be confused with a child with Dysphagia - a child who demonstrates challenges eating or drinking due to decreased muscle strength, range of motion, or sensitivity in the oral, pharyngeal, and/or esophageal phase of swallowing. Read more →